Momma Monique


  • Female

  • Age 81


Dementia -

High blood pressure and cholesterol

Each morning taking blood pressure readings.

Chronic belching syndrome

  • neurophysiology and psychosomatic

  • tight neck and mouth breathing

  • Only indirectly connected to gastrointestinal

Instability on feet, standing and siting


For lower blood pressure

  • Walnuts,

  • flax seeds, chia seeds smoothie

  • Parsley tea

  • Pomegranate seeds

For better mental capacity

  • Eliminate salts and oils

  • Super-green smoothies -include banana - flax meal -hemp seed - chia seeds - distilled water - 6 red seedless grapes

  • no- meats or meat products

  • sprouted wheat bread

  • Almond

  • Avocado oil (spray bottle use limited)