Momma Monique


Suggestions for alzheimer concerns:

1) start the day with a green smoothie: TIGHTLY PACK the blender jar 3/4's way full with super greens, one frozen banana, 6 red seedless grapes, one scoop of pea protein, one table spoon of flax seed meal, one table spoon full of hemp seed and fill the blender jar full of distilled water, blend till totally smooth and drink until gone

2) eat a whole food diet no animal products, no foul, or sea food: veggies try for 30 different ones during the week, fruit of different colors, nuts and seeds, protein - tofu, tempe and beans of all different kinds, grains try different ones to see which you like the best: of different varieties.]

3) cook in water to saute most of the time, if you need oil, use avocado oil. breads are ok but use limitedly and READ LABELS!

Suggestions for High blood pressure: concerns:

1) parsley tea with fresh parsley

2) try eating or grinding up and put in your smoothie papaya seeds

Suggestions for Instability on feet, standing and siting:

1) chair yoga for beginners

2) walk every day building up to 3 miles - always walk with someone and consider a walking stick. May it attractive!